Light into Learning



Our Vision Statement

Developing creative thinkers

To nurture a holistic, creative education through developing thinking, feeling and willing as a means of unfolding human potential. To foster a self-sustainable environment that supports individuality and community through deepening Waldorf education.

Lesedi Waldorf Centre

The School as a whole

Lesedi is an independent school with good academic standard and offers classes from kindergarten to class 7. It has space for 110 children in the boarding house. All Waldorf schools follow a curriculum according to developmental stages of the child, which is different to the public schools' but runs parallel to it. Teamwork, communication and community are part of Lesedi's ethos. Parents play an important role and are encouraged to be active.



Requirements for the admission procedure & interview process

Children can only be accepted into Lesedi Waldorf school after going through an interview and admission process. Here's more information on what is required for the admission procedure and interview process.

"Joy in living, a love for all existence - such are among the life long results of a right cultivation of the feeling for beauty and for art. "

—Rudolf Steiner