COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols


Lesedi Waldorf COVID-19 Protocols

Employees, Students, Parents & Visitors

Appointment of Compliance officers

  • Ms Penelope Dube (Boarding Supervisor)
  • Mrs Lillian Phaka (Health and safety mandate)

Campus Readiness & Guidance for Cleaning Staff

  • Cleaning staff responsible for cleaning and disinfecting(prior to return of all employees and students):
    • Classrooms
    • Offices
    • Bathrooms
    • Boarding house

Sanitizing bottles – 70% alcohol-based sanitizer in:

  • Classrooms
    • Sanitiser for each facility
      • Pedal bins
      • 20 litre disinfectant bottle with spray nozzle – for surface cleaning
  • Office
  • Bathrooms

Routine cleaning & Disinfectant Procedures

  • Daily after school – each classroom cleaned and disinfected
  • End of the week – deep clean
  • Surfaces & objects to be cleaned:
    • Doorknobs and handles
    • Balustrades
    • Classroom desks and chairs
    • Internal lockers in classrooms
    • Outdoor sitting bays
    • Countertops
    • Light switches
    • Equipment (projectors, dusters, art etc)
    • Taps & basins
    • Teacher aids
    • Laptops/computer keyboards and mouses
    • All desktop computers
    • Soft surfaces such as drapes – cleaned using soap and water or appropriate cleaner

Equipment on hand before re-opening school

  • Masks – aunts, ground staff and learners receive 2 each
  • Two washable masks and one face shield – face shields for teachers only
  • FFP1 masks available – supplied in quarantine room
  • Disposable gloves – screening team, safety officers and cleaning staff
  • 1litre Hand sanitizer spray bottles
  • Tissues
  • Disinfectants – classrooms, boarding house & bathrooms
  • Wipes to clean equipment – photocopiers, computers etc.
  • Visible tape/ coloured stones – desk placing, social distancing queueing, break duty
  • Digital no-contact thermometers
  • 70% alcohol sanitizer in bulk
  • Hydrogen Chloride 5000ppm

Quarantine Facilities

  • Eurythmy Room – designated room
  • Two designated people – rotation basis
  • Can be locked and spacious
  • Not accessible to any other employees or students
  • Cleaned and sanitized daily

Fencing around School

  • LWS fully fenced
  • Designated entrance and exits – designated ground personnel.
  • Health and safety team will NOT allow unauthorized entry into school.

Guidance - Facilities & Maintenance Staff

  • Daily clean – outside bins, black plastic bags to be burnt
  • Follow strict cleaning protocols
  • Wipe down all internal tables and chairs
  • Equipment sanitized before use.

Delivery / Consumption areas - Tuckshop Manager

  • Each order individually packaged with student’s name
  • Collection:
    • One staff member from each class collects food for class in closed box
  • No queues at, or entry into the tuck shop
  • Tuck shop orders placed once a day

Lunch breaks & Eating

  • Students sanitise hands before returning to classroom/boarding
    • Playgrounds
    • Jungle Gyms
    • All sports fields
  • Teachers monitor students during break. Ensure:
    • 1,5 metre social distancing regulations
    • No sharing of food or beverages
    • Students and employees only remove masks while consuming food and beverages
  • Refuse bins in close proximity in eating areas

Procedure: Arrival, Departure & Other Protocols

Class 7 Students07h20 - 07h5015h00
ParentsScheduled appointments onlyAs early as possible - no loitering/lingering will be permitted on the school pemisis
Visitors08h00 - 13h30As early as possible - no loitering/lingering will be permitted on the school pemisis

Signs at the School Gate:

  • Compliance regarding:
    • Wearing of masks
    • Hand sanitizing
    • Temperature screening
    • Social distancing

Nominated Screeners Duties:

  • Sanitising hands & mask compliance
  • Temperature checking & recording
  • Questionnaire of symptoms:
    • Body aches
    • Loss of smell/taste
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting or diarrhoea
    • Fatigue, weakness or tiredness
    • Dry cough, sneezing and sore throat

Temperature measuring higher than 37,5

  • Second non-contact forehead thermometer check
  • No access into school premises
  • Students using public transport
    • Taken to quarantine room until collected by parent
  • Can make appointment for COVID-19 test – NOT COVERED BY LWS
    • School will provide counselling and support to employees and students as per Health and safety team appointed

Employees becoming ill during school day

  • Proceed to quarantine room
  • Temperature taken and symptoms checklist completed
  • If temperature higher than 37,5 degrees – required to go for COVID-19 test
  • Will leave school premises
  • If positive for COVID-19:
    • Inform Administrator
    • Email medical certificate of clearance before returning to work.
    • On return – original medical certificate kept on file

Students showing symptoms during school day

  • Immediately inform teachers if experiencing symptoms
  • Teacher informs office.
  • Designated staff member fetches student – take to quarantine room – room
  • accessible to appointed staff only
  • Student’s mask replaced by FFP1 mask
  • Student’s temperature and symptoms taken and recorded
  • Receptionist will call parents and inform of symptoms
  • Appointed staff member remains with student until collected by parent
    • When parent arrives at gate, reception informed
    • Student taken to gate for parent to collect.

Student tested positive for COVID-19

  • Administrator informed immediately
  • Medical certificate needed before returning to school

Protocols: Departure of Children

  • Collection points
    • Front main entrance
  • Concrete sitting bays 1,5 metres apart
  • Teachers to supervise students
  • Parents required to collect at appropriate dismissal time – no extended waiting facilities/aftercare available
  • Parents/ drivers wait in vehicles in parking area – no parent to access school
  • Students expected to use hand sanitizer before boarding their transport (by Respective drivers)

Meeting Room

  • Observe social distancing regulations
  • All surfaces cleaned regularly throughout day
  • No gatherings/meetings allowed unless advised
  • Employees wash cups after use
  • Teachers waiting to make beverages – 1,5 metre social distancing

Reporting of alleged, presumed & Confirmed COVID-19 Cases - Employees

  • Principal will report cases to Compensation Commissioner supported by relevant documentation as per Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993 (COIDA)
  • Principal will facilitate procedures for worker’s compensation benefits

Training / Orientation of Employees & Students

  • All employees & students to receive training prior to resuming duties & reopening of school – must adhere to protocol
  • Ongoing refresher training for employees and students
  • Required protocols for employees and students:
    • Orientated on minimum 1,5 metre social distancing regulations
    • Every person to adhere to:
      • Wearing of masks at all times
      • Temperature checks
      • Answering health questions on arrival or where required
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugs, or direct contact

Required protocols for employees and students(continued):

  • Wash hands often with soap & water – at least 20 seconds, or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Avoid close contact with people that are sick
  • Stay at home if sick & try to keep distance from others at home
  • Cough/sneeze into flexed elbow or tissue – throw tissue in bin
  • One/two students assigned a desk – movements around classroom limited
  • Students to take all stationery home daily – to avoid contamination if left behind
  • Clean & disinfect touched objects & surfaces frequently
  • Use sanitizer when entering classrooms/venues during school day
  • Employee/student feeling ill during the day – report to teacher/aunts/secretary

General Protocols

  • Heed directives by President of RSA and guidance provided by relevant Ministries
  • Avoid public gatherings of over 50 people
  • Employees and students who have been in contact with an infected person – inform Administrator and self-isolate at home for 14 days whilst monitoring symptoms
  • Consult health care facility if suspected of having COVID-19 infection
  • Inform LWS of outcome of COVID-19 test
  • LWS will inform Education and Health Department authorities if student, employee, or parent/caregiver has been in direct contact or is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • LWS will offer support to employees and students through counselling together with social worker assigned to the school (Mrs Mpho Mooka)

Use common sense and stay safe!

The above protocols are available for download here

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